Leicester’s Camcorder Club

Affiliated to the IAC, CEMRIAC and the MIDLAND MOVIE MAKERS

We are a small but friendly camcorder club welcoming you whether you are a beginner or advanced video producer.   We meet every other Thursday evening at 7.30 in the Braunstone Civic Centre on Kingsway between September and May.  Our members make their own films for entry into club level and  regional competitions. Our yearly programme has workshops, lectures and speakers on various subjects relating to the hobby. The club also provides shows for other outside groups such as (W.I., flower societies, garden clubs, retirement groups etc) and have a series of show reels for exchanging with other clubs.You can join the club even if you have no equipment of your own. You could be an actor, lighting or sound assistant, scriptwriter or assist in any other way you can. So if you have all that holiday footage you do not know what to do with, come and give us a try, with a free two week taster.




Hope you all have enjoyed our glorious summer, during our break 6 club members attended MIDSUMMER MADNESS, this years themes were:- ACTION WOMAN OR GOLDEN OLDIES. We chose Golden Oldies and set too, we had finished filming by lunchtime, then it was time to edit, it was all done we had a film called “BY ECK”.

The dinner was at Trent Lock Golf Club and was attended by 65 people after our meal we all awaited the films, there were 8 in all, it was a tight finish, with the points being counted 3 times.   




                        WELL DONE LEICESTER MOVIE MAKERS

Sept 13th   A film review evening to select films to go forward to the 3M’s competitions.

5 films were selected to represent Leicester in this years 3M’s league

Sept 27th   We have a visit from Market Harborough, with a selection of their films.

This was an enjoyable evening with 3 films in total being shown.

Oct 3rd   1st round of the 3M’s league at Wave

1st   Derby   The making of the Engineers.

2nd  Leicester   Going Down isn’t a Problem

3rd   Nuneaton   The Scam

Oct 11th   Film a Disc club competition   5 Films were entered

1st Place   Windmills of your Mind by Cynthia Baker

2nd Place   Our English Country Garden by David Robinson

3rd Place   Food Glorious Food by Tony Ward

Oct 14th   3M’s Autumn Festival at the Village hall, Ticknall Derbyshire

This new venue was very successful a total of 30 Films were shown in 4 competitions.

Tony Rose Competition - 3 Films entered

1st Place Sutton Coldfield with The Race to Death’s Door

The John Player Trophy (Fiction) - 5 Entries

1st Place  Doug Hemmings with the Blue MGB.GT

2nd Place  Debbie Daniels  & Jill Lampert with Lady McBeth Sleepwalking

3rd Place   Alan Atkinson  with User Friendly

Camera Thorpe Video to Music   10 entries

1st Place   David Robinson with Our English Country Garden

2nd Place   Geof Caudwell with Highly Sprung

3rd Place   Jill Lampert with Master of the House

Documentary MMM Cup - 12 entries

1st Place   Jill Lampert with Young Performers

2nd Place   Sutton Coldfield with Behind the Signs

3rd Place   Alan Atkinson with Snaps

The Videoquip Trophy went to:- Jack Reid for Short Cut

Thanks to the judge Peter Mitchell and all volunteers who made the day so successful.

Oct 25th.   A good night was had with our guest speaker Larry Hall with a selection of his films.

Nov 8th   The winner of the 4 minute Competition was, Traditional Gypsy Fair by Cynthia Baker, 2nd place was World in a Raindrop by Cynthia Baker, 3rd place was Anguila, Anguila by Barbara Peake

Winner of the 1 min Competition was Don’t Panic, Don’t Panic by David Robinson, 2nd place was Pretty Boy by Chris Hall, 3rd place Oh No by Cynthia Baker

Nov 18th The Cemriac Autumn Festival at Sutton Coldfield,  60 sec Competition was won by Derby Movie Makers with 999.   The Interclub Competition was won by Sutton Colfield with The Race to Death’s Door, 2nd place went to Leicester Movie Makers with Hope and Glory, well done to Tony Ward and Dave Robinsons film Our English Country Garden was highly commended.

Nov 22nd The 2nd Round of the 3M’s was hosted by Leicester Movie Makers, the results are as follows:- 1st place was Lichfield with The Final Problem, 2nd place was Sutton Coldfield with Behind the Signs and 3rd place was Nuneaton with Brighton.

Dec 4th   We visit Market Harborough with our 2017-2018 Showreel

Dec 13th   Christmas Social

Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

Jan 10th   Showing of the film made for Braunstone Community A MEMORIAL FOR BRAUNSTONE.

Jan 17th   The 3rd round of the 3M’s was hosted by Derby. The results are as follows:-   1st place was Lichfield with The Prisoner, 2nd place was Leicester with A Family Affair, 3rd place was Sutton Coldfield with Lady Macbeth Sleepwalking.

Jan 31st   A Critique of Films. A good night was had improving CYGNUS with the aid of the judges comments.

Feb 14th   The winner of the British Nature/Country Competition was Cynthia Baker with Norfolk Reed, in 2nd place was Barbara Peake with Act for Wildlife and in 3rd place was Cynthia Baker with Belsay.

Feb 21st   The 4th round of the 3M’s hosted by Nuneaton. The results are as follows:- 1st place was Sutton Coldfield with THE BLUE MGB GT, in 2nd place was Leicester with FALLAS FESTIVAL and in 3rd place there was a tie with HIGHLY SPRUNG by Derby and SWIM, CYCLE, RUN. by Wave, the competition is really hotting up with only 2 rounds to go.

Feb 24th   CEMRIAC Seminar at Worcester see Ken for tickets.

Feb 24th   Public showing of the film made for Braunstone at the Civic Centre.

Feb 28th   Chairmans evening.

Mar 9th      Millenium Competition hosted by Nuneaton.

Mar 14th    Open films competition

Mar 22nd   5th round of the 3M’s at Lichfield