Leicester’s Camcorder Club

Affiliated to the IAC, CEMRIAC and the MIDLAND MOVIE MAKERS

We are a small but friendly camcorder club welcoming you whether you are a beginner or advanced video producer.   We meet every 1st and 3rd  Thursday evening at 7.30 in the Braunstone Civic Centre on Kingsway between September and May.  Our members make their own films for entry into club level and  regional competitions. Our yearly programme has workshops, lectures and speakers on various subjects relating to the hobby. The club also provides shows for other outside groups such as (W.I., flower societies, garden clubs, retirement groups etc) and have a series of show reels for exchanging with other clubs.You can join the club even if you have no equipment of your own. You could be an actor, lighting or sound assistant, scriptwriter or assist in any other way you can. So if you have all that holiday footage you do not know what to do with, come and give us a try, with a free two week taster.




SEP 21ST   Opening evening after the summer break.   During the summer 2 films were made for the Tony Rose Competition, to be shown at the 3M’s Festival in October.   Last years winning films where discussed and chosen for the 3M’s League held throughout the coming year.

SEP 28TH   A visit from Market Harborough, a selection of Cine Films back in the 50’s. Digitalized and on DVD. We all enjoyed the “Blast from the past”, plus a film made this year, about a Midlands Winery.

OCT 5TH   First round 3’Ms League, hosted by Leicester, we had 8 visitors from various clubs and everyone enjoyed the evening.

OCT 15TH   3M’s Autumn Festival at Newbold Verdon about 35 people  attended,  8 from our club.   There was a good selection of films, many we have not seen before.   Tony Rose Comp, this years theme was Moving - 1st place was Sutton Coldfield with Moving On. The Camera Thorpe Music Comp - 1st place Sutton Coldfield with Friends.  The Documentary MMM Comp - 1st place was Sutton Coldfield with Feel Good Fire Breathing.   The John Player Fiction Comp - 1st place Sutton Coldfield with The Attic.   The Video Quip Trophy for the 1st time winner was Alan Moore with It’s a Deal.

In the Tony Rose Leicester got 3rd place with our version of Moving On and in the Documentary Comp Tony Ward got 3rd place with Man with a Van and the Spray Can.   Thankyou to all those who entered.

Oct 19TH   Film a Disc Comp.   There were 6 entries, in joint 3rd place was Tony Ward with Food Glorious Food and Barbara Peake with Up a Lazy River.   2nd place was Cynthia Baker with A Winter’s Tale.   1st place was Toni Smith with Born Free

NOV 2ND   Guest Speaker David Wilford on how to make better films.

NOV 16TH  2nd Round 3M’s Competition at Derby at their new venue. 7 of us visited them and we all enjoyed the evening.

NOV 19TH   CEMERIAC AUTUMN MOVIE FESTIVAL at Sutton Coldfield Arts Theatre. 7 members attended and watched a good selection of films.

NOV 30TH   4 Minute Competition,  we had 5 Entries, in 3rd place was Piston Polka by Tony Ward, 2nd place Cooks Vintage Car Museum by Tony Ward, 1st place Going down isn’t a problem by Cynthia Baker.

                 1 Minute Competition, we had 7 entries,  in 3rd place was Love is like a Butterfly by Cynthia Baker, in 2nd place was Fleeced by Chris Hall, 1st place was Swanning Around by Barbara Peake.

DEC 5TH    4 members went over to Market Harborough to show them our 12 winning films from 2016 - 2017.  

DEC 14TH  Christmas Social

                                  Merry Christmas to you All

Happy 2018


JAN 4TH  IAC Films presented by Tony Ward

JAN 18TH   3rd Round 3M’S Competition at Nuneaton, 10 of our members attended

So well done all who ventured out on a winters evening.   1st place was WAVE with BREAKING BARRIERS,   2nd place DERBY with BLACK & WHITE,   and 3rd place LEICESTER with WHAT LIES BENEATH.   Check the Competitions page for placings 3’s Comp 2017 - 2018.

FEB 15TH   BRITHISH NATURE/COUNTRYSIDE COMPETITION  we had 6 Entries,   In 3rd place Oxford Botanic Gardens by Cynthia Baker, in 2nd place was  Cygnus by Chris Hall, in 1st place was A Family Affair by Barbara Peake, thank you to all who entered.

FEB 16TH   4th Round 3M’s Lichfield.  5 members attended.    1st place was NUNEATON with BRONZE INHERITANCE, 2nd place LEICESTER  with TALE OF TWO ISLANDS, 3RD place was SUTTON COLDFIELD with WILLOW PADDOCK POOL IN THE MAKING.

FEB 25TH   CEMRIAC SEMINAR at Perdiswell, Worcester.    4 of our members attended.


MAR 3RD   KALEIDOSCOPE   A joint venture with East Midlands AV group and Leicester Movie Makers, this was the 5th Annual Show, it was a good attendance, considering the snowy conditions.

MAR 8TH   3M’s 5th Round at Sutton Coldfield, 1st place was LEICESTER with MAN WITH A VAN AND SPRAY CAN, 2nd place NUNEATON with TALL ORDER, 3rd place DERBY with HELPLESS.   Well done Tony Ward.

MAR 15TH   HOLIDAY/DOCUMENTARY COMPETITION, we had 9 Entries.   In 3rd place  Hope and Glory by Tony Ward, 2nd place Fallas Festival by Barbara Peake, 1st place From Wrecks to Riches by Toni Smith.

APR 5TH   Showreel.

APR 18TH   6th Round 3M’s Wave.  We went into the Last round with 16pts,  Sutton Coldfield and Nuneaton, on 14pts each, so it was still all to play for.   To be sure of an overall win, we needed  to secure a first or second place, but again the odds where against us, and we got 3rd place, with IN THE ARMY NOW, in 2nd place was NUNEATON with FOOD FOR THOUGHT and in 1st place was SUTTON COLDFIELD with HELPING HAND. which left the result on the night,  LEICESTER AND SUTTON COLDFIELD with 19pts each, but on count back SUTTON COLDFIELD had more 1st places, so they took the trophy. WELL DONE SUTTON COLDFIELD.   A GOOD CONTEST THROUGHOUT THE YEAR.   7of our members attended.

APR 26TH   FILM OF THE YEAR, 10 Entries from the 5 Competitions throughout 2017/2018 season,  The judge was Alan Atkinson, who attended on the night..In 3rd place, A Winters Tale by Cynthia Baker, 2nd Place Cygnus by Chris Hall, 1st place Fallas Festival by Barbara Peake.



The next meeting will be the AGM & Presentations on the 3rd May and the Annual Dinner is on the 17th May.